Ways To Work With Mhairi

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching

£ 125/hr

Or block book 6 sessions for £600

Identify your unique niche

Establish a strong brand identity

Develop your online presence

Devise a marketing and sales strategy

By working with me as your creative business coach, you will unlock a world of benefits to help you start and scale your online art business.

Together, we will dive deep into identifying your unique niche and target market, ensuring you position yourself effectively in the online landscape.

I will guide you in crafting a compelling brand story that captivates your audience, creating an authentic connection that sets you apart.

You will gain valuable insights and strategies to establish a strong online presence, master digital marketing channels, and attract a loyal customer base.

Additionally, I will provide expert guidance on sales and monetization, helping you optimize your pricing, develop enticing offers, and maximize revenue streams.

With my personalized coaching, you will gain the knowledge, confidence, and tools to achieve your artistic and financial aspirations, empowering you to create a thriving online art business.


Working with Mhairi I have learned so much from opening my own shop online, seeing my own designs that I have created on sale for the first time that's exciting. Mhairi helped me to see the behind-the-scenes content what you need to do to promote yourself and sell yourself to your audience and how your designs can be different from others help them stand out, how to create templates to SEO searches, etc lots and lots Mhairi offers in this fabulous course. Mhairi is very friendly and patient so it never felt like I was taking a course.

- Fiona Gilmour

Etsy workshop

etsy workshop

£ 47

One-off payment

5X Your Etsy Sales In 4 Weeks

Time-Saving Templates & Tools

Advanced Training

Step-By-Step Guides

The only step-by-step workshop that will walk you through how to build and optimise your Etsy store to successfully sell your art 60 minutes or less per day.

Here's the thing: being a creative entrepreneur is supposed to be fun!

Owning an Etsy store can be a rich source of income for you, with a ready-built audience of customers, but without all the hassle (and expense!) of building your own website and finding customers.

Unlike other Etsy workshops you may have seen, this isn’t just a simple “how-to”, but instead you’ll learn everything you need to execute in order to build a successful store and make sales the quickest, easiest way possible, and you’ll get lots of tools to help you make this a whole lot quicker and easier than it was for me.

With tons of value-packed bonuses too, this workshop will give you everything you need to be able to get started on Etsy today.

What it's like to work with Mhairi

"Mhairi makes it all so straight forward, step-by-step to go from an idea to the necessary steps"

- Jennifer Kempson

(sells spreadsheets)

"I’d recommend this to anyone who wishes to TAKE ACTION on their dream of an Etsy shop."

- Sarah Marshall

(sells greetings cards)

art & S.O.U.L

Art & S.O.U.L

£ bespoke

Minimum 6 coaching calls included

Systematise your workflow

Organise your business

Unleash your creativity

Leverage your talents

Art & S.O.U.L is a comprehensive program designed to empower artists, illustrators, and surface pattern designers to build thriving businesses by selling their art and licensing their work. With a focus on growing an engaged audience, developing a strong mindset, and dedicating more time to creating, this unique program offers a transformative journey.

As your creativity flourishes, the program assists in scaling your business by increasing sales and streamlining processes. The goal is to create a well-oiled sales machine that generates passive income, freeing you from the constraints of trading time for money.

Building a thriving art practice takes time and effort, but with Art & S.O.U.L, you'll gain confidence, overcome overwhelm, and sell your art like a pro.

Due to the variability in creative entrepreneurs' journeys, Art & S.O.U.L is bespoke and tailored to each individual. Therefore, to explore if Art & S.O.U.L is the right fit for you, let's schedule a brief phone call today.

what it's like to work with mhairi

"If I were on step 0 before the course, I feel like I'm now on step 10! I managed to secure some commissions, so I've literally gone from having no work to focus on other than my own, to client work...I remember before I started the programme I was completely lost within myself...Meeting Mhairi and joining her programme gave me back my sense of purpose and drive to get going again and do what I do best."

- Holly Lloyd-williams



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