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Passion fuels my creative journey, and nothing brings me more joy than helping others discover their own artistic path.

Inspired by my Scottish ancestral roots, my artwork and surface patterns are

meticulously crafted to honour the rich tapestry of my homeland.

But my purpose extends beyond my own creations.

I am here to empower artists, illustrators and surface pattern designers like you, guiding you on a journey towards a peaceful and prosperous creative business.

Together, we will unlock the secrets of success, cultivating S.O.U.L-ful systems that harmonise your artistic vision with strategic creative entrepreneurship.


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artwork and surface pattern designs available for purchase or license.

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Join the hundreds of students who have taken the workshop

and started their own Etsy shops.

use my s.o.u.l-ful systems to build your creative business

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Learn more about selling your art with SOUL-ful systems.

what it's like working with mhairi

"If I were on step 0 before the course, I feel like I'm now on step 10! I managed to secure some commissions, so I've literally gone from having no work to focus on other than my own, to client work...I remember before I started the programme I was completely lost within myself...Meeting Mhairi and joining her programme gave me back my sense of purpose and drive to get going again and do what I do best."

- Holly lloyd-williams

Working with Mhairi I have learned so much from opening my own shop online, seeing my own designs that I have created on sale for the first time that's exciting. Mhairi helped me to see the behind-the-scenes content what you need to do to promote yourself and sell yourself to your audience and how your designs can be different from others help them stand out, how to create templates to SEO searches, etc lots and lots Mhairi offers in this fabulous course. Mhairi is very friendly and patient so it never felt like I was taking a course.

- fiona gilmour

meet mhairi


Imagine feeling so burnt out and exhausted from your business that you just couldn't bear to face it anymore.

That's exactly where I was a few years ago, tired of the constant blog posts, social media obligations, and catering to freebie-hunters. It drained my spirit and I was at breaking point.

As I began to rebuild my mental health, I found solace in the gentle rhythm of my knitting needles and I started designing a garment, allowing my mind to relax and my creativity to flow.  

In that moment, an idea blossomed. An Etsy shop, brimming with delightful stitch markers—those little charms that mark the start and end of rounds in knitting.

Though plagued by procrastination, the persistent nudging of my then 9-year-old propelled me forward. I finally launched my first Etsy store, Yarnie Finds, and discovered just how easy it is to make money selling online. No longer did it have to be a struggle.


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